Annual Plan

Panda Warmer- $20,264

A warm welcome for the newborn. The all-in-one, Panda Warmer make it easier for the Obstetrics clinical staff to give babies the seamless care they need. Helping them focus on caring for the baby with simple to use features such as hands-free alarm silence, full color display monitor and an integrated scale. Currently the obstetrics department has two panda warmers for the birthing rooms. The addition of this unit would provide for one to be permanently located in surgery for C-section births. This technology allows the baby to stay uninterrupted on thermal support during X-ray and with built in scale for weighing as well. In the event that the baby needs resuscitation full capability meeting clinical standards are available in a single configuration.

Halo Bassinets (2)- $7,565

This bassinet keeps baby close and safe. The Halo Bassinet swivel sleeper offers an innovative way to support rooming-in while enabling sleep practices that can keep the baby safe. The 360 degree swivel and rotational arm extension allow the mother to place the bassinet over the bed for convenient access to the baby. The adjustable height allows the bassinet to be set at a height ideal for the mom’s needs and can be adjusted for nurses during vital checks. Ideal for C-section mothers during their recovery. The clear bedside walls provide mom visibility of baby, enabling the eye contact and touch that are key to bonding.

Health Fair- $20,000

The health fair offers a comprehensive lab panel which includes testing for kidney and liver function as well as diabetes, cholesterol, triglyceride and prostate cancer. Our community embraces this annual event with consistent attendance of approximately 900 people. The ongoing economic state of the area makes preventative healthcare screening unattainable for many. With the unemployment rate, lack of health insurance and/or high deductibles and co-pays this serves as the only means for many of our community members to get these potentially lifesaving healthcare screenings. Each year, many participants learn from these test results that they have diabetes, prostate cancer, or other previously undiagnosed illnesses. Annually the cost of hosting this event for our community is near $20,000. THIS IS A POSTPONED EVENT FOR 2021, WITH NO RESCHEDULE DATE AT THIS TIME.